A first for Pai`ste

Well done Pai`ste on your first official post.


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The Dagda: I am the Father Dragon of the Celts, they call me the Good Dragon because I protect their crops.  I am King of the Tuatha Dé Danann and rule over Uisnech in County Meath.  I have a cauldron called the Undry which supplies unlimited food and is one of the magical items the Tuatha brought with us when we first landed on Ireland.  I also have a living oak harp called Uaithne which causes the seasons to change in their order and also played three types of music, the music of sorrow, the music of joy and the music of dreaming. Behind me, I pull a eight pronged war club on a wheel, one end of the club killing the living and the other end reviveing the dead, and when it is dragged behind me it leaves a track as deep as the boundary ditch between two provinces.


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